Small Space, Full Band Sound!

A full band is a great addition to any event and can really take the whole affair to another level.  However, some venues don't have enough room for four or more musicians with a drum set, keyboards, amps and a PA system.  Furthermore, some venues may have volume restrictions or you are looking for a more casual atmosphere and a full band might detract from the overall purpose of your event.  You want the entertainment to enhance the event, not compete with it.

Sax ONE is a great solution when these issues come up.  With a cost that is a fraction of a full band, probably less than a DJ and taking up less space than a duo, Sax ONE provides that "full band sound" with a mix of live and pre-recorded music, performed through an amazing Bose PA system.  Nothing beats live music, however, due to budget, space, venue or other restrictions, Sax ONE One Man Band may be a better alternative than a full band or a DJ.  Sax ONE can also perform any mix of live or pre-recorded music as a DJ for your event.  

Sax ONE One Man Band works well for both large and small events, either as the background music to your event or as the entertainment.  Consider Sax ONE for your next event and contact us if you have any questions.

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